Top 13 Things to do in Ibiza

There’s so much to do in Ibiza that your holiday can end feel like being stuck in a whirlwind of parties and playas and mercadillos. I’ve asked the staff at Cafe del Mar for some wondrous things to do in Ibiza that will make any trip to the White Isle truly unforgettable.



Starting the day at Cala Conta, get down there early to beat the high-season rush. Cala Conta is one of our favourite places to swim and snorkel, the fish are plentiful and the beaches are glorious. As I mentioned, it can get pretty busy in July and August, so feel free to bail out if it gets too packed- and we have the perfect location to decamp to.


By our collective opinion, one of the finest paellas on Ibiza is that made at Ses Roques.  Stunning traditionally made recipe Paella, conveniently located at a beachfront restaurant right next to Cala Conta. Una sabor magnifico. ses roques paella 5 day guide


Cala Conta is just 20 minutes by scooter or car from the sunset strip, which means, of course, there’s no excuse not to catch the most famous sunset in the world, here at Cafe del Mar.  Grab a couple of mojitos, kick back and relax on cafe del mar things to do in ibizathe terrace and experience a rite of passage for Ibiza seekers that goes back nearly four decades.

Following the sunset, there’s a little time to collect yourselves before heading out to the grand finale.


This season the legendary super club has laid on as eclectic a mix of house music as ever. Flower Power on Mondays, Solomun on Sundays, and in between you can on any given night catch David Guetta, Basement Jaxx, Hot Since 82, Bob Sinclar, Maceo Plex, Martin Solveig and Mark Ronson. Pacha opens at midnight but (across the board in Clubland) places don’t start picking up until 1-1.30am. Therefore it might be a good idea to take a little siesta after the Paella, to keep the batteries topped up for a long night of partying. guetta things to do in ibiza




Rise and shine! What a night that was. So, you’re probably feeling a little fragile after staying up to irresponsible o’clock at the club. The cure is Cala Nova. Definitely, one of our favourite things to do in Ibiza is to snorkel off these beautiful shores.

Located right between Cala Leña and Es Caná, Cala Nova is long, with shallow waters that are ideal for young ones. One of our favourite places! If you’re feeling energetic, take a walk around the coves to explore Cala Leña and Es Caná. If not, no worries! Relaxation is the order of the day.cala nova things to do in ibiza



Speaking of which, you might as well pop back in to see us at Cafe del Mar in the afternoon. We’re open from 17:00 every day, after all. And besides, we miss you.



Now that you are fully rested and recharged, it’s time to hit the hills. Ibiza is so much more than beaches and clubs. We also have some of the best hiking trails hike things to do in ibizaanywhere in the world. Check out some of the routes on Map My Walk and don’t forget to wear good shoes and take plenty of water. It’s a beautiful island to hike on, but the heat can creep up on you. Factor 50 is a mu st.



There is one reason to burn off the calories on holiday- and that’s to put them right back on again. Naturally, we don’t want to fill up on junk food so what we have in mind for you is a trip out to Ecocentro in Santa Gertrudis. They do great tasting and super healthy lunch time fare, with lots of vegan and veggie options. Plant power!


We’re doing something a little different tonight (assuming it’s a Wednesday!) and that comes in the form of the psychedelic family friendly all night hippy pow-wow provided by Namaste @ Las Dalias. Entry is free before 2100, and the show goes on until 0500 with live performances and DJs. Something to get your squad in touch with their spiritual side!namaste things to do in ibiza



One of the best and most rewarding things to do in Ibiza is to hire a mountain bike and head for the hills. On my first visit in 2015, I tried to do Cala de Bou to Es Vedra. It was fine on the way there, but after a sneaky beer at Cala d’Hort, I found my legs had stopped working properly and I had to push the bike up the hills on the way back. 

bikes things to do in ibiza

Rookie error.

On the other hand, you are much smarter than I am, so you can look here for a route that will take you up to the beautiful almond groves and vale of St. Agnes. The climb takes you 250 metres above sea level, but the best part is the return journey to Sant Antoni is all downhill!

Another great trip is out to Sant Josep. The route from Cafe del Mar will take you right around the bay to Cala de Bou before forging on to conquer the hill, atop which lies Sant Josep.


Take the bikes back to the hire shop and I guarantee that you will find yourself in pina colada things to do in ibizathe mood for a Cafe del Mar frozen pina colada. It’s good to replace electrolytes, just like a sports drink; except it’s not a sports drink in any sense of the word at all and has rum instead of taurine.

They taste so good though, it would be rude not to include them on our list of things to do in Ibiza.



It’s the last day of our guide on things to do in Ibiza- so it’s going to be a good one, we promise. Now, everyone knows about Es Vedra. Everyone wants to go. This is expected after all the islet is one of the most iconic sights in Las Isla Baleares, if not the world.

But there is a problem. Unlike many Ibizan treasures, Es Vedra is not a secret. One of the finest places to absorb the magical view is the beach at Cala d’Hort. It’s a cool, tranquil beach with three great restaurants. Of course, in the season the traffic is intense. es vedra things to do in ibiza

The solution is a scooter. A 125cc moto will set you back around 20 euros for a day and is powerful enough to carry two people. Getting up and down the steep roads to Cala d’Hort is no joke! These tiny bikes can be parked almost anywhere, avoiding the traffic congestion. 



Finish your day at the beach and the big rock out to sea, a sumptuous repast is DJ cafe del marconsumed and the scooter is returned. Then there’s little better way to complete the list of things to do in Ibiza than to go back to your home away from home. Yes! Back to Cafe del Mar. The Lounge is open until midnight with resident and guest DJs playing all night. What more could any of us want?

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Ibiza Hippy Markets Guide 2017 (And the other Markets too!)

Ibiza Hippy Markets are world famous.

I don’t know about you, but there are few things that are finer than trawling the markets of Ibiza.

Theoretically, you could go to an Ibiza market every day of your stay. All you need is some transport and a wide brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun.

I suppose you could do what I do and just pick up a new one on your first day of browsing. At the start of the season, I pick up a trusty new hat for the summer and hope it lasts. You do tend to get what you pay for with headgear as with all things, but seven euro for a paper hat that lasts three months (if I’m lucky) is fine enough for me!

I digress already, and the blog hasn’t even started. Easy to do when you start thinking about getting lost in the markets. I am of course blessed to be able to take my time over my visits to the Ibiza Hippy Markets, the flea markets, and the farmer’s markets. All have a special place in my heart, for different reasons. Here’s the low down on the markets you can get to on your visit to Ibiza; there is honestly something for everybody.


ibiza hippy market punta arabi

Where is Ibiza Hippy Market Punta Arabi?  Es Cana
When is Ibiza Hippy Market Punta Arabi? Every Wednesday
– April, May & October from 10.00 – 18.00
– June, July & September from 10.00 – 19.00
– August from 10.00 – 20.00

We’ll begin with the big daddy. The world famous Ibiza Hippy Market Punta Arabi. For 44 years the market has been growing, from a small collective of arts and crafts-minded hippies to a powerhouse with over 500 stalls, live music and a multitude of food stands.

With such a huge site come demands beyond that of the average market. The revenues and the accompanying human traffic are massive, which means in August it can become too much for those of us with small children or movement issues. Nevertheless, there is no other market on Ibiza with such a wide variety of products. From leatherwork, hand –crafted jewelry and kitschy chintz to unique fashions. It’s pretty safe to say that the bohemian styles on Ibiza are inimitable, and you’re not likely to find such a large gathering of the signature Ibizan fashion anywhere else.

BEST FOR: Getting lost in the crowds and finding adventure.

Mercadillo Artesanal Dominical Sant Joan de Labritja

Sant jordi ibiza hippy market

Where is the San Joan Market? Main Street, San Joan de Labritja

When is the San Joan Market? Every Sunday from 10.00 – 15.00

Sant Joan is a sleepy village in the North of the Island, untouched by mass market tourism. This is the playground of the O.G hippies from the 60s and 70s, mixing with the agro-tourists, artists, and Ibicencans. You might suspect with this melting pot of residents that Sant Joan has an unusual hippy market. And you’d be right! As with most things in Sant Joan, it’s just a little more classy.

This is an artisans market with a cultured air, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, organic products, fresh bread, homemade olive oil- some of the best on the island- and of course the second-hand goods that are ever present.

An atmosphere of cool class awaits you. Not the brash nouveau riche styling that pretends to class, but the kind of dignity that comes from sincerity.

Handmade organic, wellness and aromatic goods, therapists of Eastern medicine, live music and second-hand stalls jumble along together with the sound of live music. You can walk from one end of Sant Joan to the other in five minutes, but don’t miss out on seeing the church. It is a beautiful example of the 18th Century architecture that features in most churches on the island. Stop in at The Giri Café for lunch and experience the North island culture with some great food.

Music starts at around midday after the morning mass has taken place, and the ambient sounds flow perfectly with the laid back atmosphere. Sant Joan is a million miles away from clubland.

BEST FOR: Stepping back in time.


Las dalias ibiza hippy market

Where is the Ibiza Hippy Market Las Dalias? San Carlos

When is the Ibiza Hippy Market Las Dalias? – Every Saturday, all year round.

April to October from 10.00 to 20.00
October to April from 10.00 to 18.00

Once upon a time, back in 1985, gallery owner Helga Watson and Juanito Marí started the first Las Dalias market with five stalls of handicrafts, clothes and small treasures from the East. Today, 32 years later and with more than 200 stalls, this spirit is maintained: gifts made with great love and care for people who appreciate originality and entrepreneurial spirit.

Probably the widest variety of crafts available anywhere on the island – at least consistently – Las Dalias has grown so famous as to go on tour around Europe during the winter months. The market organization also sponsors a literary prize for Catalan writers, and is an active participant in the promotion and care of Ibiza abroad, cementing their pace in island culture.

As with the other hippy markets, music plays a big part with both live bands and DJs, and a great hippy party ‘Namaste’ every Wednesday throughout the summer months.

Since 2005 Las Dalias Night Market has taken place between 19:00 and midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays, from June. This inspired move enables everybody to get a chance to visit, and if you’re not a fan of crowds this more chilled sunset session is for you. Bring the little ones at any time and the Kids Space performers will entertain them with puppet theatre and games. I see many grateful parents taking a welcome break this way!

In the offseason for you all year las dalias night ibiza hippy marketresidents, Las Dalias arranges an annual Christmas Market, Holy Week (Semana Santa) and a great Easter Market too.

BEST FOR: the perfect evening shopping


San jordi ibiza hippy market

Where is Sant Jordi Market? San Jordi Hipódromo

When is Sant Jordi Market? Saturdays from 08.00 to 15.00

The Rastrillo or flea market at Sant Jordi will have forever a place in my heart. When we first moved to the island last year we lived a 2km hike up the road from the old Hipodrómo. Naturally, one of the first things we did was march back down, melting a little in the April heat, to lose ourselves in the chaos.

One part Bartertown from Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome, the one with Tina Turner) and one part jumble sale with bongo drummers, Sant Jordi is always a surprise. Whether it’s people clearing their houses, traders with handcrafted clothes or art, even industrial and gardening equipment- there’s something for everyone.

If you’re around towards the end of the season you can find some real bargains. The summer residents sell off the things they won’t take home which means low prices! I picked up a snorkeling mask last year for two euros. As a Yorkshireman (famed for having short arms and deep pockets) that was a real delight.

BEST FOR: Finding the things you never knew you needed or wanted.


cala llonga ibiza hippy market

Where is the Ibiza Hippy Market Cala Llonga? Cala Llonga

When is the Ibiza Hippy Market Cala Llonga? : May to October, Thursdays from 18.00 until Midnight

Cala Llonga is a great destination for a visit at any time, but take my advice and go and enjoy this great sheltered beach on a Thursday. After relaxing on some of the softest sand on the island, watch and wait.

Local artisans will bring their stalls, packed with handmade trinkets and artifacts from right here on Ibiza. There is quite often a stall that sells handcrafted beauty products, including a salt scrub made from Ibizan salt. Cala Llonga Market is one of the smallest ones on the Island, but it still has a great range of items. The Thursday night market is also the time when the locals come to gather to talk.

In addition, live music is also a frequent occurrence.

BEST FOR: Browsing under the stars


forada market ibiza hippy market

Where is the Forada Market? The parking lot opposite Can Tixedo.

When is the Forada Market? Saturdays from 10:00 until 16:00

On the road that winds East, past the vineyards and over the hill, there is a crossroads. North lies the almond groves of Santa Agnes. To the South is Sant Rafel (and Amnesia, of course) and further east is the villages of Santa Gertrudis and Sant Llorenc. However, if you go down to the crossroads on a Saturday, you will find the sweet art café Can Tixedo. This cafe not only has great tapas but also hosts a unique eco-market on the weekend.

The great thing about the Forada Market is that only local environmental and humanitarian groups participate. This means that only natural products are sold, and what a range! Carob chocolate, olive oils, Hierbas, bread and vegan paella casero. There’s even a stall that sells beauty products made from aloe vera and rosemary that grows right here on Ibiza. Organised by the Cooperativa Integral d’Eivissa, the entire concept is based on a philosophy of self-sufficiency to preserve the Ibizan environment for everybody. This makes Forada market great for the soul as well as the belly.

BEST FOR: Boosting your karma points


once upon a time ibiza hippy market

Where is the Once Upon A Time Market? Boutique Hotel Las Salinas

When is the Once Upon A Time Market? Every other Saturday, check here for details

Once upon a time is something a bit different. With a focus on music and the coolest fashions, Once Upon A Time are also collaborating with party merchants Unusual Suspects for some daytime events at Benimussa Park. The theme is strictly handmade, high quality and eclectic, with jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing all boutique in style. And price.

A world away from the near-carnage car-boot of Sant Jordi, you can hobnob here with fashionistas, DJs, promoters… and of course regular folk like me looking for some new threads.

BEST FOR: Getting the look that no-one else has.

ibiza hippy market playa den bossa

Where is Playa D’en Bossa Street Market? Here

When is the Playa D’en Bossa Street Market? Every day from May until September, 18:00 -23:00

A relatively small market that pops up to capitalise on the ready supply of tourists in Playa d’en Bossa, this is sixty or so stalls with the usual range of goodies. Admittedly you won’t find the range of Punta Arabi. Or the class of Sant Joan, or the free-for-all of Sant Jordi for that matter. Even so, if you’re staying in the PDB area it is super convenient.

It’s like an advert to go to a bigger market or an opportunity to pick up something you forgot to buy when traveling further afield.

BEST FOR: Doorstep shopping


ibiza hippy market medieval market ibiza town

Finally, we come to the big smoke. There are a few markets that serve the ‘city’, the most famous being the annual Medieval Festival and Fair. Inside the walls of Dalt Vila on the second weekend in May, the island celebrates her history and place on the World Heritage list. Over a long weekend, medieval costumed people fill the streets, selling suitably themed foods and gifts. The event is great entertainment for everybody.ibiza hippy market ibiza town

Ibiza Town Harbour also has an evening market throughout the summer from 18:00 until past midnight. The street market sells clothes, trinkets, and other goodies. My favourite? the real gem is the Old Market which takes place by the drawbridge to Dalt Vila every day except Sunday. This is the real flavour of the city, with incredible local flowers, vegetables, and fruits- it’s an explosion of colour and aromas.

Have you been to all the Ibiza Hippy Markets? Let us know your favourite in the comments below.






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